Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scroll #42

This was another short time limit scroll. I only had one week to do this one, and unfortunately it was during a week when 1.) we were approaching our big yearly events 2.) I had a badly sprained ankle. The ankle was painful enough that I could not sit with it on the floor to work on the scroll. Before I had sprained it, I had already done the main illumination in the puzzle initial style. I waited until the last possible day to put in the calligraphy.

Here is a picture of the ankle immediately after I sprained in. that giant lump resolved into areal range of pretty colors over the next couple of weeks, lots of purples, greens and yellows. No, it was not broken. I did run down and get an xray of it to make sure. It certainly did put me behind schedule for me event though. I was still on crutches when I was processing in for court. I had 2 big strong fighters to lean on, and had one of my retainers in charge of the crutches.

Anyway, here is a picture of the scroll. I was originally slated to hand it out, but the prince decided to attend, so he did it. I am currently working on another scroll in the background. It is going to have a lot of gold leaf.

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