Monday, October 22, 2012

two new scrolls

I had the opportunity to do two Anglo Saxon scrolls. The first one was a Pelican scroll for Godric of Hamtun. It is a replica of one of the Stockholm Codex Aureus pages. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of this one before I sent it out. It had a great deal of gold leave since I had chosen to replicate one of the decorated text pages. This scroll was number 43 for the A&S 50 challenge.

The second scroll was patterened after a page I have saved on my computer under the name Anglo Illuminate. I do not have a link to the original page though, and I do not remember the provenence of this piece. This scroll was a county scroll for Avelina Keyes after she stepped down as our queen. I believe she specifically asked for me to do one after seeing the previous scroll. Since her personna is early period she was hoping for something early. That is why I chose the Anglo Saxon piece. This piece is #44.

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